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About Us

Wedding & Event Professional Team

Hi! We have been together for 17 years and we also got married, and we celebrated our wedding with great enthusiasm. We have grown, lived, traveled and experienced a thousand things in the company of each other, and we firmly believe that love is the engine that moves the world, and even more so now, that we are parents. Therefore, we are passionate about what we do.

Meet our Team

Why True Romance? Because we are also true love. And because we love that movie, we recommend it to you. 17 years together and many more taking photos and writing have taught us to tell stories and know how to see the good in life. We got married last June and that’s why we know how important that day is for a couple.


She studied Fine Arts and then Image. Art, pure magic and imagination. It has what the greats call “The Eye”: the ability to see a photo and make any detail a unique moment. Sensitivity, delicacy and an impressive technique to create pure visual poetry and lead this project.


He knows how to tell stories, synthesize moments in snapshots and communicate through images. He is the other half of the orange, the other part of the project and the ultimate hope in revealing your own love story. Real photography for real love.

The stories

Love stories that we capture